Monday, August 27, 2012


Should be illegal.
It's like a freaking drug.
For such a cross fandom freak, it's.........................

Here's what happened:
Lalalala I think I wanna make a tumblr. Seems fun enough.
I'll just go on for a few minutes.... What the heck? It's been four hours.
The same way Pinterest got me.......
Check it out, like a few posts, reblog, hell; you could even follow me.
I am The Girl With The Chicken Purse.

In other news....
I went on the Slip 'n' Slide, more commonly remembered as the Slip 'n' Bleed.
My arms are so sore I can't lift them and I have so many bruises and scrapes that I look like I've been beaten.
Basically, I had fun. Yeah.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Does Not Compute...

I have a mere week and a few days left of Summer Vacation. I still have to finish my freaking Math Packet...
I get the concept of it, but then what's the point of the whole month of review that we do when we start class?
I also have to finish reading The Book Thief, which is fantastic.
But I have two other books I got from the library like a month ago..... They're sending me emails saying how much I owe them in late fees. It's a problem.
Sixteen Candles and Monty Python and The Holy Grail are two of the funniest things I've watched all summer.
I'm spending my slowly dwindling days of freedom blogging, watching JennaMarbles, and listening to Whitney Houston.

I honestly don't think I'm ready for high school. It's the whole getting lost thing. All the other middle schools in our district have at least two floors and are twice as big and have each been redone completely at least three times, but not ours. Nope. One floor and puny. The town wouldn't even give them enough money to repair all the things that are broken like heating and windows and not removing asbestos and that stuff. They say they need more classrooms because they have teachers sharing rooms and traveling by cart, which is bull because there aren't more than 20 kids in each class. Just combine a few classes and lay off a teacher or two, maybe the ones who didn't teach Math but instead showed students YouTube videos all day (True Story and the reason I can't do the math packet without help from Panseh, because she went to a math camp.)

I like writing and blogging and YouTube, and I was thinking it would be a good idea to get my own laptop for high school. Everyone complains about how long I'm on the computer, doing schoolwork and such.
So I'm searching the Apple website because we are strictly a Mac household. This is what happened.

MacBook Air Page is all like, "You want a basic 11 inch MacBook with no extra memory or attachments besides the charger and built in applications? Mmmmm 'kay. That'll be a thousand dollars."
So I'm all like, "C'mon Mac! I'm choosing you over PC! Couldn't ya offer me something a little less expensive?"
And it's all like, "Well I can give you the same thing just preowned! That'll still be about nine hundred bucks."
And so my brain goes, "ERROR. ERROR. DOES NOT COMPUTE."

My God! I am going into ninth grade and the only job I have is doing laundry. And I don't even get paid for that.
My dad works for a state university, so that somehow gives him a student discount on Apple Products, but that's still a metric butt ton of money.

Anyone wanna donate? 

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I went to Pennsylvania and saw some ghosties!
Well, I didn't actually see them. My camera did.
We went to the Indian Echo Caverns, which, by the way, are beautiful, and took loads of pictures.
They almost all had a bunch of orbs in them.
I don't have the pictures off the camera yet, but they are way cool.
I also went to Hersheypark, but I gotta say it was less interesting. I appreciate that my parents spent the money to take our family there, but I'm not gonna lie.
I didn't enjoy it very much.
It's just a chocolate themed carnival.
Same rides, the basics; Scrambler, Tilt A Whirl, Carousel, Pirate Ship, Train Ride, Monorail, Rocket Ship things.
I'm not a thrill ride person, so I didn't go on SkyRush or The Great Bear or Fahrenheit. Those are some scary fucking rides.
I can only take as much as Wild Mouse. I nearly lost it on Wild Cat, and that's only a level three.
Then there was the Trailblazer, which was less than a minute long. It's a family coaster, and I got sick of it after the third time.
Mind you, they did have some unique rides like the Reeses Xtreme Cup Challenge and RollerSoaker. The Cup Challenge was a team up laser target shootout, and it's air conditioned. RollerSoaker was a two minute flyover of the waterpark, and there are stations below where other guests can send huge jets of water at you. You can also drop a load of water on parkgoers waiting in line for the lazy river to cool them down a bit.
Honestly though, it wasn't worth the 45 minute wait.

I suppose this is kind of a rant.
It's just that I'm so finely tuned to Disney quality. Disney rides have a story to them, it's not just a quick thrill. Disney has ruined other parks for me, mainly because other parks are boring and Disney is awesome. But Disney is more expensive. DX
I think it's also that I'm too old for it. It doesn't hold my attention long enough.

It's kind of sad, for me, because I am finally saying goodbye to my childhood for real. When you're young, these rides are new and exciting. Once you get older, they're just overpriced, well maintained versions of the rides you can get into for five bucks a person at your local carnival. It loses the excitement.

The last thing we did in PA was go to the Amish Farm and House, which ironically is in the parking lot of a Target.
If you're not familiar with old order Amish beliefs, just look them up. It's very interesting the way they adapt 21st Century living to fit their ideology.
I met a goat man who also makes wooden chickens. He woodburned my name onto a woodchip.
I also learned that I have a very Amish name (Amme is my internet name; if you haven't figured out by now it's just Emma backwards. Nietsreg is made up though.).
There was a paper doll of an Amish girl named Emma, one of the original occupants of the house in the 1700's was named Emma, one of the goats was named Emma, and when we went to the amazing restaurant Good 'n' Plenty (try the hamloaf) there was a painting of a little Amish girl named Emma.
Some people think it's a British name because it's popular in English literature, but it is actually an old German name. It's popular in Amish communities because their church services are done in an older German language.
Chew on that nugget of information. Good night. It's one A.M. here.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'm Rich!

And I'm eating a frozen chicken nugget because the oven is heating up far too slow for my liking (Don't you worry your pretty little heads, they're precooked and safe. They're just suggested as being served hot. Still tasty cold though...).
But not really.
Rich, I mean. I actually ate the frozen nugget.
My family had a tag sale to get rid of a bunch of crap, and it seemed a better idea to make some money off of it than to just toss everything. We might have needed a dumpster...
In about two weeks we're heading to Pennsylvania (which means Penn's woods..... Gotta love history class!) for a family vacation in..... wait for it......
I don't have a job that I get paid for with actual money... I get paid with small favors and thank yous (endless hours of babysitting for free or just supervising at the dance studio to make sure all homework is done and no child is lost or starving). My parents said that I'm old enough to buy my own souvenirs, which is what I hate the most about being a teenager. Being able to earn your own money is both liberating and restricting, because if you don't get paid you can't buy your own things so you work harder in hopes to get paid and then the thing you want is expensive and you just give up.
Or at least that's how it plays out for me..... What's that? Some of you get something called..... allowance? That's a very foreign concept... (If either of my parents are reading this, I know that money's tight and that I don't keep anything very clean, but... I couldn't even have, like, five dollars a month? I watch the monkeys all the time...)
The last time I asked for money, I got $2. Granted, it was because that was all the cash in the house.

I'm getting off topic.....
Right! Tag sale!
I went into overdrive making duct tape shit to sell. Nothing expensive, the highest price was $4.50.
My grand total for the six hour long day?
And that was all from family and friends. On strangers who actually came to the tag sale to shop and not just hang out, I made 50 cents.
$12 and one of the worst sunburns I've had in a long while...
But it wasn't all terrible, I learned how to make a basic Kandi cuff. I also think I lost a pound because as of 6:50 PM, the entire list of food I've eaten today only has three things.
1) A banana when I woke up a little before 7:00
2) An Oreo Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts at about noon
3) Half a granola bar at 4:30 when I realized how hungry I was..... Only half because it was stale.
Oh, and of course the frozen chicken nugget.
Last thing: I'm going to do a final tally of my injuries...
1) Yesterday I broke my toe on my bedframe
2) Yesterday I pulled something in my back while standing still and had to lay down for an hour
3) Over the course of a week I gradually injured my left ankle more and more, and now I'm wearing a brace
4) Sunburn and definitely some melanoma in my future
5) I was using a needle to poke holes in random crap and have multiple pricks on my left index finger
6) I was trying to scrape some gunk off of a scissor blade and sliced a chunk of skin off of my left thumb
7) I poked myself in the eye this morning

It's just one of those weeks where you give up and go back to bed...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I found a Barnes and Noble giftcard and I finally got the fifth Kingdom Keepers book, Shell Game!!!!
Cotom and BTvinyl and Disneygirl..... You know what that means.....

I'm already on Chapter Six!
A minotaur and Camazotz?
What a genius. And the Charlie Maybeck bonding? OMG SO CUTE!!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

And the Oscar Goes To...

Today, I went to my friend who shall be called Sparkle's Sweet Sixteen Party.
I covered a Bop It in glitter for her.
We went to New York City for the day.
We left at 9:00.
In a bus.
A party bus.
A PINK party bus.
We went to Madam Tussauds.
When we walked into the first room, I screamed because RuPaul was there. I sat 'trucker-style' with Madonna. I peed myself a little when pole dancing Brittany was breathing, and took some pictures of Janis Joplin because she gave the 10th Doctor his awesome coat.
My camera died when I walked in, so most of the pictures were on my phone.
What really surprised me was the lack of cashiers. I just wanted to buy some candy, but the cash register that was labelled 'Open' was without an employee for the entire 20 minutes I waited, until I gave up and left. Then  in the main gift shop there was a cashier. He walked away when I came over.
Buuuut I bought myself an Oscar and a notebook. Well, technically it's just a "Celebrity Award", but whatever. I really loved that everything was reasonably priced.
Then we went to Angelo's for lunch. BEST. PIZZA. EVAR.
The Nekkid Cowboy sang to her.
And then we went to the Disney store.
Now, when my father entrusted me with $60 of spending money, I set my mind on purchasing a big ol' plushie of one of these guys from Brave (BEST MOVIE EVAR).
I succeeded.
Here he is. I've decided that of the three he is Harris, not Hubert or Hamish.
He is so freaking soft.
I also got a plastic cup that says I <3 NYC but the heart is Mickey ears. Eh, it was 25% off.
Then I saw a villains tote bag and got one of those because it was $3. #SWAG
And I got a purple MOUSTACHE necklace from F21.
It was such a fun day.
And I get to go back into the city sometme next week TO SEE NEWSIES ON BROADWAY! It's my graduation present. Sooooo excited! They had Newsie caps at the Disney store, but felt that $30 was pushing it, so I'm gonna try and find one at Marshall's or TJ Maxx.
Now, I have hives all over my body for no apparent reason. I just really don't wanna go to an allergist. I also don't want to do a 10 day cleanse with my mom, or do pilates with her twice a week. Oh well.
I guess I'll take some Benydryl and go to bed.
Should I make a haul video for my youtube channel, show you all my swag?